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The Age of Discovery

The Age of Discovery

Let's get on board with legendary navigators!



geographic discoveries, Christopher Columbus, Bartolomeu Diaz, Ferdinand Magellán, Jacques Cartier, explorer, navigációs eszközök, Vasco de Gama, Willem Barents, Sir Francis Drake, Abel Tasman, precious metal, circumnavigation of the Earth, caravel, Indians, rabszolga-kereskedelem, compass, quadrant, astrolabe, map, America, vitorláshajó, travelling, colony, mother country, őslakosok, bennszülöttek, slave, Cape of Good hope, Strait of Magellan, history, modern history, 15-17. század, routes, Australia, watercraft, Europe, Earth, térképészet, utazó, Atlanti-óceán, Pacific Ocean, Africa, India, plantation, Indian Ocean, culture, franciák, angolok, hollandok, portugálok, spanyolok, Asia, plants, animals

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