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What kind of fruit is peach?

What kind of fruit is peach?

A lesson about peach trees and fruits, with a dessert at the end.


Author: Horváthné Kunstár Andrea, Jámbor Gyuláné

Reviewer: Márton Gábor


peach, drupe, pest, Asia, fruit, mango, greengage, tonsil, plum, apricot, cherry, sour cherry, spraying, mould, fungal disease, breed, marketplace, orchard, horticulture, garden, kétszikűek, baking, cake, biological protection, ripe, ripen, carpel, summer, spring, deciduous, lomb, plant, flower, root, stem, leaf, Gardener, vitamin, feeding, woody, tree, insect pest, angiosperm, biology, botany, hygiene, agriculture, nature study, ecology, environmental studies

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