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Which mozaBook licence should I buy?

28/08/2017, 15:19

The Windows version of the mozaBook educational presentation software can be freely downloaded and used with full functionality during the trial period. To continue using the software after the trial period, you need to buy a licence.

For classroom use

If you want to use mozaBook with an interactive board in the classroom, you can choose between the CLASSROOM and MULTILANG licence types. These licence types allow the use of the program on interactive boards and with projectors. The difference between them is that with the CLASSROOM licence, mozaBook can be used in a single language, which can be chosen at the time of purchase. With the MULTILANG licence, however, the program can be used in 24 languages.

Both licence types allow for the installation of mozaBook on a personal computer besides the one used in the classroom. This allows the teacher to use mozaBook at home, in order to prepare for classes. When several copies of mozaBook are used with the same licence code, only one of these copies can run at a time.

For home use

If you want to use mozaBook at home, you can choose between the PERSONAL and the STUDENT licence types. With these licences, the program cannot be used on an interactive board or with a projector. The PERSONAL licence may be useful for teachers to prepare for their classes at home, while the STUDENT licence is recommended for students.

Read more about the different licence types here.


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