The terrestrial planets

Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars may have they formed in much the same way, but only the Earth is lucky enough to be in the habitable zone.

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Exogenic forces

The surface of the Earth has been formed into its present state both by external and internal...


Rocks are a composed of minerals. These minerals can often be found in their pure forms.

Abrasion coasts

The destructive force of waves can create steep cliffs in certain coastal areas. Let’s see how...


Icebergs are blocks of frozen freshwater floating in the sea.

Mediterranean climate

It is characterised by dry, hot summers and mild winters.

The African savannah

The largest contiguous savannah in the world is in Africa. It covers about one-third of the...

Wind at the beach

Sea and land breeze form because of the differing warming of land and sea.

The atmosphere

The atmosphere surrounds us everywhere on this planet. We take its presence so much for granted...

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