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The green iguana

The green iguana

A film about the green iguana, the popular inhabitant of exotic terrariums.




iguana, green iguana, lizard, reptile, leguánfélék, keratin scale, moulting, America, Central America, tropics, herbivore, terrarium, toroklebeny, egg, animal, biology, vertebrates

On-screen labels

Length: up to 2 m , Weight: up to 8 kg, serrated dewlap, water-repellent skin, The green iguana, they shed their skin periodically, eardrum opening, enlarged scales, strong tail, The green iguana and a human underwater, 45 minutes, up to 2-3 minutes, Jacobson's organ, it can lay up to 60 eggs at a time, green iguana, diet: leaves, vegetables and fruit, weight: 4-8 kg, life expectancy: 15 years
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