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Seconds pendulum

Seconds pendulum

How can this pendulum accurately measure time in seconds?




mechanics, experiment, pendulum, swing, vibration, period of oscillation, Galileo Galilei, Huygens, measurement error, physics, balance

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Let’s build a seconds pendulum., This pendulum swings from one side to the other in exactly one second., The period (T) is the amount of time required for the pendulum to complete one full back-and-forth movement., So, the period of a seconds pendulum is two seconds., We know that the period of the seconds pendulum depends on the length of the thread and gravitational acceleration., The length of the thread of the seconds pendulum is as shown below:, So, the seconds pendulum is approximately one metre in length., Now let’s build the seconds pendulum., Make sure that the length of the thread is measured between the point of suspension and the bob’s centre of gravity.
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