Fascinating atmospheric phenomena

We can often observe spectacular atmospheric phenomena. Let's see how some of these are formed.

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The atmosphere

The atmosphere surrounds us everywhere on this planet. We take its presence so much for granted...

Volcanic activity

The area surrounding an inactive or extinct volcano is not necessarily calm. Let’s see the...


It is a sedimentary rock with high calcium carbonate content.

Seafloor map

The boundaries of tectonic plates can be seen on the seafloor.

The River System of the Amazon

A Föld legbővizűbb folyama, az Amazonas és vízgyűjtő területének a bemutatása.


Rocks are a composed of minerals. These minerals can often be found in their pure forms.

The Jovian planets

The four outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus) do not have solid surfaces, thus...

The Wallace line

Ázsia és Ausztrália állatvilága a Wallace-vonal mentén különül egy egymástól.

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