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Endothermic reaction

Endothermic reaction

Barium hydroxide reacts with ammonium nitrate while absorbing heat from their surroundings.




endothermic, barium hydroxide, ammonium nitrate, freezing, water, Erlenmeyer flask, wooden board, physics, reaction, experiment, chemical reaction, chemistry

On-screen labels

Ammonium nitrate crystals NH₄NO₃, Water H₂O, Wooden block, Barium hydroxide octahydrate crystals Ba(OH)₂ ∙ 8H₂O, Pour ammonium nitrate and barium hydroxide into a flask., Seal the flask, then shake it. After a while, the solid substances react with each other and form new, liquid substances., Pour water onto a wooden block and place the flask on it., Lift the flask after a while and watch what happens., Why do you think the flask has frozen to the wooden block?
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