Short-lived but extremely powerful tornadoes can cause a great deal of damage.

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It is a sedimentary rock made up of loosely structured, rough grains of rock.


Icebergs are blocks of frozen freshwater floating in the sea.

The weather forecast

The weather can be forecast with different meteorological instruments.

Minerals: active participants of our lives

This lesson introduces you to the world of minerals.

The formation of fog

Fog is a type of cloud that forms close to the surface of the Earth. There are places on the...

Folding (basic)

Lateral compressive forces cause rocks to form folds. This is how fold mountains are formed.

Glacier (intermediate)

A glacier is a large body of ice that forms from snow, and is in constant, slow motion.

Nitrogen cycle

Atmospherical nitrogen is bound by bacteria and used by living organisms in the form of...

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