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The human brain

The human brain

The main parts of the human brain are the brain stem, the cerebellum, the diencephalon, and the cerebrum.



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  • Where is the heat regulation centre of the brain?
  • Where is the centre controlling the emotions of pain, joy, fear and anger?
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Parts of the brain

  • left frontal lobe
  • central sulcus
  • left parietal lobe
  • left occipital lobe
  • cerebellum
  • left temporal lobe
  • lateral sulcus (Sylvian fissure)
  • right frontal lobe
  • right parietal lobe
  • right occipital lobe
  • right temporal lobe


  • corpus callosum
  • thalamus
  • parietal lobe
  • occipital lobe
  • cerebellum
  • medulla oblongata
  • pons
  • mesencephalon
  • hypophysis
  • temporal lobe
  • hypothalamus
  • frontal lobe
  • cerebrum
  • lentiform nucleus

Human brain

Parts of the brain (2)

The ventricular system and the basal ganglia

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