An entertaining game about different views of spatial objects.

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Building shapes (one colour)

Build 3D shapes from unit cubes with the help of several views.

Cube of cubes

An exercise about the regular hexahedron built from unit cubes to help deepen your...

Grouping of solids 2

This animation demonstrates various groups of solids through examples.

Plotting a 45° angle

By bisecting a straight angle (180°), we get a right angle (90°). We get a 45° angle by...

Non-orientable surfaces

The Möbius strip and the Klein bottle are special two-dimensional surfaces with only one...

Plotting parallel lines – Solution I

Let’s plot line g such that it is parallel to line e and passes through point P.

Solids of revolution (rectangle)

Rotating a rectangle around its axes of symmetry or around its sides results in solids of...

Geometric transformations – reflection

This animation demonstrates geometric reflection, a type of geometric transformation both...

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