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Public school in Central Europe (early 20th century)

Public school in Central Europe (early 20th century)

Public schools in villages played an important role in education.

Lower Grades - Mother Tongue


modern history, education, school, public schools, classroom, raised platform, abacus, writing slate

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  • raised platform - It was usually made of wood and served to raise the teacher's desk, which signified his or her authority.
  • teacher's desk
  • blackboard
  • desk
  • cross - One of the most important symbols of Christianity; it was an indispensable fixture of classrooms.
  • paraffin lamp
  • wall charts
  • abacus - It is the oldest calculating device used by almost all ancient civilisations. In some places, it is still in use today. Addition and subtraction are easily done with the help of rods and beads, while multiplication and division require the use of complex rules.
  • piano
  • writing slate - A thin, flat piece of material encased in a wooden frame, used as a medium for writing and drawing. A slate pencil was used for writing on it and a slate sponge to clean it.

Teacher's platform

  • stove
  • teacher's logbook
  • cane



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