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Mongol warrior (13th century)

Mongol warrior (13th century)

The dreaded warriors of the Mongol Empire helped to make it one of the largest empires in history.



Mongol warrior, Mongolian, fighter, soldier, arrow, quiver, bow, history, Middle Ages

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  • Where did Mongol warriors keep their arrows?
  • What were the helmets worn by Mongol warriors made of?
  • Complete the sentence: \n\nThe Mongol cavalry did not use ...
  • What was the armour of Mongol soldiers usually made of?
  • Which weapon was not part of the Mongols´ equipment?
  • What type of horses did the Mongols have?
  • Which description fits the Mongols´ ´destroy - withdraw - destroy´ tactics?
  • Who gave an eyewitness account of the Mongol invasion of Hungary?
  • Where did King Béla IV flee during the Mongol invasion?
  • What did King Béla IV. do after the Mongol invasion?
  • Is it true that most of the Kingdom of Hungary remained unharmed by the Mongol invaders?
  • Is it true that in 1242 the Mongols suddenly left Hungary?
  • When did the Battle of Muhi take place?
  • Where did the crucial battle between the Mongol and the Hungarian armies take place?
  • Who was the King of Hungary during the Mongol invasion?
  • Who was the Mongol ruler at the time of the invasion of Europe?
  • Is it true that the Mongols were nomadic people?
  • Is it true that the aim of the Dominican expedition led by\nFriar Julianus was to find the Mongols?
  • Who was the first European traveller to bring news of the upcoming Mongol invasion of Europe?
  • Who was appointed leader of the invasion of Europe?
  • Who founded the Mongol Empire?
  • Which type of soldiers made the Mongol army successful?
  • On which continent was the homeland of the Mongols?


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