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Macedonian phalangite (4th century BC)

Macedonian phalangite (4th century BC)

Soldiers of the ancient Macedonian Kingdom were dreaded warriors.



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  • By what name is Alexander III commonly known?
  • Which battle was won by the Macedonian army?
  • Which battle was NOT won by the Macedonian army?
  • Where did Alexander III die?
  • Who was Alexander's father ?
  • Where was Alexander III born?
  • What was the main weapon of Macedonian soldiers?
  • Which ruler led the Macedonian army?
  • What was the Macedonian phalanx?
  • Which of these was part of an average Macedonian soldier's fighting equipment?
  • What was the Macedonian sarissa?
  • Which of these was NOT part of an average Macedonian soldier's fighting equipment?
  • Which army was the greatest enemy of the Macedonians?
  • Who was the commander of the Macedonian army?
  • Who introduced the use of sarissa into the Macedonian army?
  • When did Alexander the Great live?
  • When did Alexander the Great rule?
  • Which territory was not conquered by the Macedonians?
  • Is it true that Alexander III was an illustrious general?
  • Which territory was not completely under the rule of Alexander III?
  • Which legendary event is NOT associated with Alexander the Great?


Macedonian phalangite

Fighting equipment

  • breastplate
  • spear (sarissa)
  • short sword
  • light shield
  • helmet
  • greaves
  • sandals

Equip the soldier!

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