An earthquake is one of the most devastating natural phenomena.

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Climate zones

The Earth is divided into geographical and climatic zones, which result in the zonation...

El Niño

A periodic climate pattern that occurs across the tropical Pacific Ocean every five years.

Formation of stratovolcanoes

Stratovolcanoes consist of layers of volcanic ash, debris and lava.

Aeolian landforms on coasts and steppes

Wind, as an external force, plays an important role in shaping coastal areas and steppes.

Rivers and landforms

Rivers play an important role in shaping the Earth's surface: they cause erosion as well...

The water cycle (intermediate)

Water on Earth is in a continuous state of change. The water cycle includes processes...

Soil types - Hungary (map)

This animation demonstrates the types of soil found in Hungary.

Types of lakes

Still waters take various forms on the planet. Let’s take a look at how we can group them.

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