The archaeopteryx shows characteristics of both birds and reptiles. It is probably the ancestor of birds.

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The most ancient group of animals, they live underwater, lack real tissues and body symmetry.

The great white pelican

Pelicans are highly protected birds. They can be easily recognised by their pouched bill.

The lesser black-backed gull

A gull species typically found on European beaches; it is easily recognisable by the distinctive...


Fish-like marine dinosaurs which resembled dolphins; a good example of convergent evolution.

The reproduction and development of insects

Based on their life cycle, insects can be grouped into three categories: ametabolous,...

West Indian Ocean coelacanth

Living fossil, important stage in the evolution of tetrapods.


An extinct group of Cephalopoda, with solid external skeletons. They are excellent index...

Woolly mammoth

Extinct proboscidea closely related to today's elephants, often hunted by prehistoric man.

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