Volcanic activity

This animation demonstrates different types of volcanic eruptions.

Hagia Sophia (Istanbul)

The church of the ´Holy Wisdom´, built in the Byzantine Empire, had been one of the largest...

The ear and the mechanism of hearing

Ears convert the vibrations of air into electric signals which are then processed by the brain.

Seawater desalination

The desalination process produces drinking water from seawater.

Colosseum (Rome, 1st century)

The most famous and most magnificent amphitheater of Rome was built in the 1st century.

Formation of the Earth and Moon

This animation demonstrates how the Earth and the Moon were formed.

Tyrannosaurus rex ‘tyrant lizard’

Large carnivores, perhaps the best known of dinosaurs.

Acropolis (Athens, 5th century BC)

The world´s most famous citadel, the Acropolis of Athens was built in the 5th century BC, during...

Leonardo da Vinci’s workshop (Florence, 16th century)

Visit the workshop of the Renaissance polymath and his most important inventions and works of art.

Four-stroke Otto engine

This animation demonstrates the type of engine most commonly used in cars.

Notable products

A spectacular demonstration of algebraic expressions.

Human body (male)

This animation introduces the most important organ systems of the human body.


Deforestation has a negative impact on the environment.


Waterfalls form where the river flows over a steep precipice in its course.

Scots pine

One of the most common tree of the pine family, native to Eurasia.

African village (Sudan)

African villages adapt to the natural environment well and reflect of the culture of local tribes.

Hot-air balloon (18th century)

The French Montgolfier brothers were the first pioneers of flying.

Electric bell

Mechanical bell that functions by means of an electromagnet.

Yuri Gagarin’s journey to outer space (1961)

Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space on April 12, 1961.

Chain reaction

Energy released during nuclear fission can be used for civilian or military purposes.

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