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Learn from digital textbooks enriched with interactive 3D animations, educational videos and exercises. Register, log in and activate your textbook in order to access the digital version for a year. You can also purchase additional textbooks in our webshop, and if you buy a mozaWeb PREMIUM subscription, you can have access to over a thousand 3D models, hundreds of educational videos and all of our tools and games.

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Digital educational solutions

mozaBook – for the classroom

Educational presentation software for interactive board. Spectacular interactive content and built-in skill-developing, illustrative and virtual lab applications help to arouse students' interest and help acquiring knowledge. Read more

mozaWeb – for learning at home

The digital textbooks, interactive extra content and applications related to the curriculum are available online anywhere for both students and teachers. Read more

mozaBook tablet – for mobile devices

Students can take their digital textbooks anywhere they go, and even use them offline. Besides, they can connect to mozaBook running on an interactive board in order to participate in classwork. Read more

mozaMap – digital maps

The digital atlases of this interactive map software enhance the repertoire of geography and history education. The elements of the different maps are easy to change and tailor, making preparation for class simpler and faster. Read more

mozaLog – school administration system

Digital class register and educational information system enables school staff to use a single interface for both administrative and organizational tasks. Read more

3D animations, videos, applications

Over a 1000 interactive 3D animations, hundreds of educational videos, built-in skill-developing, illustrative and virtual lab applications and games, all available in the mozaBook software and on mozaWeb. Read more

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3D models

When a textbook or lesson contains 3D scenes, you can play these by clicking on the 3D icon in your online textbook. You can find a list of all the 3Ds included in your textbook in the Extras menu.

The models in the scenes are freely rotatable and most 3Ds include narrations, built-in animations and quizzes. Labels added to the structural and cutaway views are available in several languages.

Over 1000 interactive 3D models

News, tips and tricks

News, updates, interesting facts related to the mozaLearn digital education system; examples and useful tips supporting classroom usage and the practical application of our software suite in English.

New Mozaik building in Szeged

Bálint Mátyás – March 21, 2018

Many of you might have already noticed the Mozaik logo and our signature blue and yellow colors on one of the most prominent buildings in Szeged. We are so proud and happy to announce that our company has acquired the well-known office building - a true masterpiece of modern architecture - last year and found a new home in the heart of the city.

mozaTravel - BETT Show 2018

Bálint Mátyás – March 9, 2018

At Mozaik the new year always comes with a busy schedule for our team as the largest edu-tech fair in the world, the BETT Show is traditionally held on the last week of January. Preparation for the show starts early not only for the organizers, but also for us as we try to make the most of our annual London trip. One thing is for sure: BETT 2018 was truly a show to remember.

mozaHomeTown - The Votive Church of Szeged

Bálint Mátyás – March 5, 2018

Sometimes winter kicks in with a real chaos in everyday life - issues with the public transport, closed motorways, cancelled flights and trains. But on the other side it can be truly magnificent with all the seasonal gifts, such as Christmas markets, hot chocolate, gingerbread, and yes, breathtaking panoramic view of the Dóm square in Szeged.

Why do users love mozaBook and mozaWeb?

When our teachers saw mozaBook for the first time, they were amazed: never before have we had contact with such a modern platform and with content as explanatory and educational as this one.

Stephan Riederer, IT Team – Santo Américo College, Brazil

mozaBook is a powerful software platform which is perfect for a busy teacher looking to produce outstanding lessons. It covers all areas of the curriculum and presents information in an engaging way.

Ed Fairfield, Senior Marketing Manager – Elementary Technology

National curriculum can be integrated easily in the software and can be enriched with the extras provided... This should eliminate the needed time for teacher preparation.

Yasmin Youssef – Gimpex Audio Visual Communications, Egypt

We were all enraptured with the school presentation of mozaBook in one of the primary schools. It gave us a real example of how the system works in practice... it works very well in terms of catching the attention of the pupils and their cooperation during the class.

Metod Bočko, Foreign Rights – Modrijan Založba, Slovenia

Digital education solutions

Watch our promotional videos to get an overview of our digital education solutions, and the options and functions we offer for classroom work and learning at home. You will also find tips and help for using mozaBook.

Innovative Education Solutions

Solutions for interactive board, learning at home, school administration, printed materials.

Starting mozaBook

Solutions for interactive board, learning at home, school administration, printed materials.

mozaBook 4.5

New illustration, animation and interesting presentation possibilities.

Tools and Games

Multiplication table
Electro kit


Our educational films are all made in-house and present everything from remote landscapes and rare organisms, to chemical and physical experiments, to adapted poems, stories and plays.

Over 600 tutorials and videos

The mozaBook program is already available for tablets and smartphones, so students can take their digital textbooks anywhere they go, and even use them offline. The mozaBook application on mobile devices can also be used to connect to mozaBook running on an interactive board or PC, in order to participate in group work in the classroom.

Teachers can also share pages of a textbook directly to students’ devices. In addition, teachers can send assignments, worksheets, videos or images to students. Teachers can also keep track of worksheet completion and check students' results on their computer.

mozaBook for tablets

Online textbooks

In the classroom and at home

mozaBook allows you to use and enhance your digital textbooks, as well as create your own exercise books. You can illustrate your exercise books as you wish, and even animate them.

You can use your digital textbooks even without an active internet connection and take them anywhere you go, on your laptop or tablet.

mozaBook is available in our webshop in several versions, for students, teachers and classroom teaching.

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