The Sun's path above the major circles of latitude

The apparent movement of the Sun is caused by the Earth's rotation around its axis.

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Salt Production

The evaporation of seawater provides an excellent opportunity for coastal countries to produce salt.

Lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipses occur when the Moon passes through the shadow cone of Earth

Continents and oceans

Dry land on the surface of Earth is divided into continents which are separated by oceans.


Neptune is the outermost planet of the Solar System, the smallest of the gas giants.

Time zones

The Earth is divided into 24 time zones. Standard time is the time used within time zones.


The International Space Station is a habitable satellite built with the cooperation of 16 countries.

Forms of government and official state languages

The animation shows the forms of government and official languages of the world´s countries.


Mercury is innermost and smallest planet of the Solar System.

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