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Let's make learning fun!

Learn from digital textbooks enriched with interactive 3D animations, educational videos and exercises. Register, log in and activate your textbook in order to access the digital version for a year. You can also purchase additional textbooks in our webshop, and if you buy a mozaWeb PREMIUM licence, you can have access to over 1000 3D models, hundreds of educational videos and all of our tools and games.

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Activate licences and digital textbooks with printed or purchased activation codes.


Educational software and interactive books.


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What does mozaWeb offer?

Digital textbooks

After the purchase of a single digital textbook, you are entitled to be an active user of mozaWeb. Page through and read the textbook, zoom into page sections and launch curriculum-related interactive content by clicking on the icons next to the relevant topics.

Media library

A mozaWeb PREMIUM licence enables you to access the entire content in the Media Library (over 1000 3D models, several hundred educational videos, interactive exercises, etc) and use our tools and games freely.

Educational software

If you want to create your own books and presentations, share them, and use them offline, you will need mozaBook, which is available in several versions in our webshop.

Thematic applications

Over 100 thematic, curriculum-related applications and games are excellent tools for practising and deepening the knowledge that has been acquired in lessons.

Personalised learning platform

We provide an online interface that allows you to quickly find and access your digital textbooks, exercise books, online homework and shared content, and also keep track of the tasks you should complete.

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3D models

When a textbook or lesson contains 3D animations, you can play the animations by clicking on the 3D icon in your online textbook. You can find a list of all the 3Ds included in your textbook in the Extras menu.

The models are freely rotatable and most of them include narrations, built-in animations and quizzes. Labels added to structural and cutaway views are available in several languages.

Over 1000 interactive 3D models


Over 100 thematic applications built for curriculum in various subjects provide a unique way of practising and deepening knowledge acquired in class. The collection of games and tools is continuously expanding with new functions being added regularly. Many tools and applications also contain animated exercises, which turn learning into a playful experience. Exercises created by teachers and students within the tools can be saved for later use.

Over 100 thematic applications
Multipl. table
Elektro kit


Our educational films are all made in-house and present everything from remote landscapes and rare organisms, to chemical and physical experiments, to adapted poems, stories and plays.

Over 600 tutorials and videos


Numerous games await those who love to play, practice and compete! Test your knowledge and skills with our games by playing against other students in the country or by simply challenging your classmates.

Online textbooks

Digital textbooks offered in our webshop can be opened online with a web browser, can be paged through and zoomed in without any loss of quality. Textbooks are enriched with amazing interactive content (including 3D animations, educational videos, audios, tools and exercises), which can be opened and played with one click.

Nearly 500 online books with extra content
Science for Teenagers
History and history of arts
History 5.
mozaik3D Interactive Models

In the classroom and at home

mozaBook allows you to use and enhance your digital textbooks, as well as create your own exercise books. You can illustrate your exercise books as you wish, and even animate them.

You can use your digital textbooks even without an active internet connection and take them anywhere you go, on your laptop or tablet.

mozaBook is available in our webshop in several versions, for students, teachers and classroom teaching.

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